Digital Camera Accessories

The analog photography era has been replaced
by digital photography one. Definitely, we can not
refuse that the new-generation photographers use
digital cameras widespread and the uses are
dramatically increasing.

The clear and simple reasons why digital cameras are more popular and well accepted by
photographers than the analog ones are their
compact and lightweight body, easily connecting
to computer and electronic mail, ability of photo
retouching, or, easy image-printing at home etc.

To help the digital camera photographers taking
care of their cameras and taking the pictures in all
difficult situations, We, under ELECTRA
brandname, a leading manufacturer of digital
camera accessories, introduces the complete
product lines of digital camera accessories to
serve the demands of the photographers. Our
digital camera accessories compose of over 60
items that are able to cover and support the uses
and the maintenance of digital cameras in many
different circumstances.

To sell themselves efficiently, digital camera
accessories packages have useful information for
the digital camera users as follows: what does the
product is, why does the buyer must buy and how
does the buyer use it.

Four different ELECTRA digital camera
accessories display stands are designed to show
the digital camera accessories efficiently as well
as to support the selling effectively.

ELECTRA digital camera accessories are also compatible with analog still and video cameras.
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Cleaning Kit, Large (Box)
Code No. CBO-L
Cleaning Kit, Small (Box)
Code No. CBO-S

Cleaning Kit, Large (Blister)
Code No. CBL-L
Cleaning Kit, Small (Blister)
Code No. CBL-S

Blower Brush, Small
Code No. BB-S
Blower Brush, Medium
Code No. BB-M

Blower Brush, Large
Code No. BB-L
Hurricane Blower
Code No. HB-001

Vacuum Sucker Blower
Code No. VS-010
Vacuum Cleaner (Motorized)
Code No. VC-010
Lens Cleaning Solution
Code No. LCS-001
Siliga Gel
Code No. SG-001
Lens Cleaning Paper
Code No. LC-001
Hightech Cloth, Small
Code No. HTC-S
Hightech Cloth, Single Use
Code No. HTC-SU
Hightech Cloth, Large
Code No. HTC-L
Lens Spray Cleaning Kit
Code No. CLS-010
Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaning Kit
Code No. MPS-020
Mini Robopod
Code No. RP-001
Mini Tripod
Code No. MP-001
Lens Cleaning Pen, Two in one
Code No. LCP-02
Lens Cleaning Pen, Three in one
Code No. LCP-03

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